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Wednesday, January 28


It has been SO long I think I forgot how...


WMTG (the modeling agency I was shooting for) shut business doors at the beginning of December, giving me about 5 days notice. Leaving me with mixed emotions. Sad about the closing of the business and being left without a steady income, yet on the other hand I felt it was a blessing. I'm out on my own building my relationships with my clients and networking like no other.

I was lucky enough to have such great support from my clients at WMTG that we are starting fresh and new with Puddletown (the only agency in town representing kids under the age of 5). Working with PT has been great; the talent comes directly to me cutting out all the middlemen. I've been blessed to have clients I've worked with through WMTG still request me to shoot and I’ve also been blessed to have a new set of clients requesting me by referral from Jason (PT owner). Jason and I have also been working together to refresh the promo pieces for all talent.

I owe all this to facebook. Believe it or not… Jason had seen my work I did for WMTG and was impressed, but doors shut before he could get my info. So he looked me up on the net, FB making business connection worldwide ;)

With this new start to my career I’ve had great support from my family. My father also ending a chapter in his life retiring from UPS has been a huge support and encouragement in this endeavor, becoming my new assistant. I have to say just after our first week of shooting together I’m feeling very pampered having an equipment guy (thank you dad).

So for me 2009 is a year of new beginnings and fresh starts. January has come and almost gone already, but I have so much more ahead of me. If it is anything I’ve learned from 2008, it’s that when something comes to an end in your life it only makes room for something new.

My new promo fliers!!! I've also added a page to Facebook. Search in Facebook "images by jayme". Please help support and spread my name. Thank you!!!