THE jPod

Sunday, June 22


My two favorite ladies... Faith and Ella. Being a photographer, I'm lucky to have the most beautiful photos of my nieces. The only down side is being behind the camera leaves little photos out there with my nieces and I sharing time together.

My favorite part of the work week is going over to my mothers house for lunch and spending time with Faith and Ella (Grandma watches the two). Just last week Ella was suppose to be napping when I arrived but she was fusing in the nursery. I went to check on her and she seemed to be having a nightmare. It just tugs at my heart to hear her fuss like that. I talked softly to her and picked her up in my arms. So my lunch hour turned into a snuggle hour. My moment of the week...

Auntie Jayme and Ella Bell

This makes me think of the times Faith and I snuggled together (she's not one to cuddle so when she does it's very special). Here is our only snuggle on film...

They grow up so quick...

Faith Minette 3rys and 5.5yrs

Ella Bell Birth and 2yrs

I love you two SO much!!!

Wednesday, June 18


I love looking at the sky!

Tonight I was on a mission to photograph the moon. As you might already know the moon was full and low to the horizon. Giving the illusion that it appears bigger and closer when in fact neither are true. A horizon moon is the same distance and size as the moon hung high in the sky.

"Experts" say catching the illusion on film doesn't work... something about being an illusion. I threw all that advise to the wind and went out to shoot the moon anyhow. Come to find out there is some truth to "their" advise. This is what I got:

A moon not appearing any larger in the frame...

... but in Jeb's hand, it tells a different story.

Tuesday, June 17


So if you know Jeb and I well, we’re very simplistic people. We keep a clutter free home. Neither one of us has a collection that takes over the house… but I have found my collection! I have a small stash of National Geographic magazines (most of which were passed down to me).

I enjoy them and have a few key issues that are just too neat to get rid of. My enjoyment comes from the history each issue holds. Just to pick something up that was published in 1964… doesn’t seem too long ago but the ads are fabulous. You realize how quick life changes when an ad for color TV is the latest new technology.

(Jeb and Jayme in 30 years)

Today when I was at my parent’s house for lunch, I noticed a new issue of NG sitting on the table… YES! I got so excited (I’m a nerd). Anyhow my Dad subscribed to a year subscription of NG. All of which will head my direction (Jeb loves it ;)

It all comes down to this… I’ve decided to get serious about my collection and want to try and at least complete the years that I do have. I’m asking for help and hope someone out their has some or knows someone who wants to get rid of their NG’s to a good home. I’ll even pay for them.

Thank you,

Sunday, June 15


Many of you know that I’ve been wanting to be a mother since the day I got married 6 years ago… no I’m not pregnant but we’ve been trying. Every time “that time” of the month comes around it’s like sitting on pins and needles. I have my moment where I’ll cry a bit and then… I feel like shopping (weird I know). This last month Jeb and I really spoiled ourselves. (We don’t have kids yet so we might as well spend money on us while we can)

For Jeb I thought it would be nice to update our office. Jeb has been working for yahoo as a contractor in IT as a service desk tech for the last year. (He just got promoted to a supervisor position this last week… I’m SO proud of him!!!) We’re crossing our fingers that he is hired on as a full-time employee next time his contract comes around in August. So, as a tech he has been on call during the holidays or has to work a weekend or two. On these special days he’ll work from home…. This is where the new desk comes into play. Goodbye to hand me down desk, plastic table add-on and plastic file draws and say hello to Jebediah’s new office.

(6 hours of building, bonding and sore bodies)

For me… a new HD Canon camcorder! I’ve taken so much random video. (David Dias has enjoyed the new Canon as well… do to innocent bystanders I’ll re-frame from airing any of that footage. Although I have to give him credit for great commentary and one of the funniest video’s yet!) As soon as we get better software for editing our footage I will for sure share plenty of films… :o)

When the day is over and I’ve enjoyed my “things”, I know our goods will never fill the void of wanting to be a mother. As much fun as it is spoiling myself, I can’t wait until I have the blessing to spoil my own child (as my mama would say “you’re not spoiled, just well loved").

Monday, June 2


I've decide last week that enough was enough. Our plan was to wait until Jeb finished school before I could leave the bank (my full-time job), but he still has a little over a year left until graduation. Working as a teller 40hrs a week has left little time to run a proper photography business. I started to see my dream slip out from my hands as each day passed... and that scared me. So we've compromised as all good couples do. I'm not leaving the bank yet, but I am cutting back my hours. We have decided that I can take one day a week to focus on getting my photography back on track. I will get up like I'm headed to the bank but instead head to the office. I can not express how excited I am. I need to start taking myself seriously as a photographer before I can expect anyone else to.

First on my list is to change the look of my website and update the photos! Here is a first look at the home page I've been working on...