THE jPod

Tuesday, February 10


ESPN and Houston are the two most difficult dogs to walk. They both become complete goobers the second you put their leads on. Both will pull in polar opposite directions, making it nearly impossible to walk them on your own. ESPN will wrap himself around ten different trees in one walk. Houston will run and pull to bark at any other moving object (including bikers). Since there is no way I will ever let her near another dog, she'll bark from a far and then attack her brother (I still have yet to figure out why). When it rains... this daily event becomes ten times more fun. They always try to find the muddiest of spots to drag us through and do their business. On their behalf up until a year ago they were able to take care of "business" on their own... in their nine years of existences they have adapted to apartment living very well.

Missy can usually do okay with out a bath for awhile and just brushing... but buddy is our pig pen. Two days after baths he'll become a complete grease ball. So tonight after a muddy walk I told Jeb to start the water. Houston might be okay with just being toweled off, but ESPN NEEDED a bath. Houston was along for the ride.

Missy just disgusted with her brother.