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Tuesday, November 25


Our trip to Oshkosh

Most of you know by now that Jeb and I have decided to stay in Oregon (for a few reasons), yet I still wanted to share with ya all our trip to the Midwest…


Jeb and I left our house at 4am to catch our plane. Our friend Rafael was kind enough to wake up and take us to the airport (there is a whole other post here...). Anyhow, we flew into Minnesota and then took the smallest plane I've ever been on to fly into Appleton.

Small Plane

Once my Dad's plane arrived shortly after us we all headed into Oshkosh. Jeb and I took a look at the University where he would be working for the week and we all got settled in after a bite to eat.

My Dad and I checked out places to rent (if we'd decided to move) while Jeb went to work. We were off to a rough start. There is not too much to rent in this small quaint town and really I think we've just been spoiled living where we live now (I LOVE Portland!!!). I was looking forward to seeing this house that sat right on the shores of Lake Winnebago. I dug the idea of being able to look out my kitchen window and seeing the lake...

...But the house had little to desire.

By the end of the day I had narrowed our options down to an apartment right downtown or one just about six minutes away from downtown.

My highlight of the day was having lunch at a place beneath the downtown apartments called "Cranky Pats Pizza". We ordered a sauerkraut and sausage pizza that was new on the menu and we were the first to try it (tasty!!!). There at Cranky P's we also got our first taste of Sprecher Root Beer (Sprecher ended up being a big and happy part to our trip).

After Jeb got off work we headed to dinner and a movie. Thought we'd check out the local theater's opening night for 007.

We were on a mission to find great WI cheese. So we traveled out into the country a bit to find a dairy farm. Mmmm, everything we hoped and dreamed. Union Star Cheese Curds and Beef Sticks!!! (By the end of our trip, I hope to never see curds and ronies again).

On our way back to town we took a detour into Appleton, which is north of Oshkosh and a little bit bigger. Then back to Oshkosh where we spent the rest of the evening walking around their outlet mall. They had an outlet Pendleton Oregon shop... of all things (a little taste of home).

Despite Green Bay playing my Bears and winning by a large margin... I had a fantastic day. When we found out Chicago would be in Green Bay the weekend we were in town we tried to get tickets. This is a huge game and big rivalry, but we didn't have a grand to spend on tickets. So we decided to drive down to Milwaukee for the day and catch the game at a sports bar.

When we got to Milwaukee we did a little site seeing. We got our first glimpse of Lake Michigan. Amazing! It is just like looking out into the ocean. I still can't wrap my head around how fantastic it is.

The homes right on the shorelines are amazing with beautiful stone siding. They looked like little castles (some were castles).

Driving around the city we noticed so many clock towers and spires on some of these older buildings.

I love the lady bugs

My favorite was the Milwaukee Art Museum. Built like a sail it is so beautiful. There at that moment was the first part of our trip when I felt at home.

We made it to a sports bar called Saz’s (most restaurants in WI seemed to be Bar and Grills). There we were able to catch most of the game and Sprecher Root beer on tap!

One of our waitress's sisters lives out in Beaverton herself (truly a small world). She was telling us how she enjoyed her trip to Oregon and would love to live there herself. She wasn't the only, or last WI resident to tell us how wonderful Portland is (was it a sign?).

We decided to take a detour back to Oshkosh driving back up the shoreline of Lake Michigan.

Road Trip!!!

We ended up in this WAY cute little town called Sheboygan. By the time of day we reached Sheboygan the sun was setting (it sets early... around 4/4:30ish). Parking next to this amazing resort we decide to bare the FREEZING cold and venture out onto this huge pier that took us yards out into Lake Michigan. We had a blast! Cold and numb when we returned to the car… that is what seat warmers are for ;)

A birds eye view of how big the pier is. We were on the left one.


Jeb headed back to work and Dad and I wanted to see Lambeau Field. So up to Green Bay we went. I really enjoyed the bounding my Dad and I had on this trip. It was really special to share in these moments with him. FYI... he ratted me out to our tour guides and told them I'm a Bears fan. All I heard Monday was how great Green Bay played and it was their greatest win this season. Blah Blah Blah. I sucked it up and enjoyed every minute of the tour. To be honest my Dad isn't a Packers fan either but we were there for the history of the game and I'll have to admit it was cool.

We loved Sheboygan SO much we wanted to catch it in the daylight. After Green Bay we headed back down to Sheboygan. Great town!

On our way back to Oshkosh we got caught in a snow flurry, crazy cool.

That evening we headed to Kodiak Jacks. We heard from a couple of locals that it is the place to eat and it was. The food was great and the service was even better. Sandra Lee was our waitress and she was amazing. I felt like I was a guest in her home.

Was Dads last day and my last day with my travel buddy. We had been traveling SO much the last four days we put 700 plus miles on the rental. Deciding to keep it local we checked out the Paine Museum. It is a beautiful house with fantastic original artwork, yet I was a little disappointed I couldn't take any picture of the inside.

Met Jeb for lunch then went back to a place called Leon's where they serve fabulous frozen custard. Below freezing temperatures, bundled up and all, we were very grateful they come to your car and take your order to go. I'm amazed at the service they keep when running a frozen custard shop. The parking lot was never empty. Mmmm it was good.

Later that evening we headed back to see Sandra Lee at Kodiak Jacks (and Dad wanted to try their "24oz ground sirloin stake burger").

No... he did not come close to finishing this burger.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:
Jeb and I kept it low key. He focused on worked and I chilled out at the U and in the hotel.

Our trip home. Again our flight left early in the morning. Making it to Appleton with time to spare we boarding our plane at the usual 20 minutes before take off. As soon as we boarded the plane we un-boarded the plane. The plane had a frozen something of some sort. A delay is one thing but when you have a connecting fight... that is a different story. It makes for muddy waters. I was initially excited that our layover in Minnesota being only an hour, but at this point I knew we were closing down on a very small window of opportunity. After missing two connections to Portland because of the delay in Appleton we were able to make it in time to catch the evening plane out of Minnesota. Jeb and I spent the whole day on planes and in airports. My mother says she is never traveling with me (I have the worst luck with flying and am no stranger to waiting in airports).

Jeb was AMAZED at this electronics vending machine... we found it at the airport.

Side note: Funny thing is, everyone has a recurring dream that haunts them and mine is running late and missing a flight, bus what ever you have it. My dream that is a "recurring nightmare" is not making it to my destination, whether it home or vacation (weird).

All in all it was an experience. The weather is crazy cold and the people are crazy nice. It was a part of the country I have never seen before and blessed to have had a safe and wonderful trip.

Sunday, November 16


Picks of Jeb and Jayme at the shores of Lake Michigan
(requested via momma taken by daddy ;)

Sandy shores of Lake Michigan

Dad on the phone with mom. Sharing the moment of seeing lake Michigan together (even though they were thousands of miles apart). We love you momma and wish you were with us :)

Tuesday, November 11


We're starting to see our hard work pay off. Three years ago December Jeb and I decided to sell our first home and move back in with the parents. We were “ok” where we were, but we both wanted more from our careers and life. Jeb started ALL over with school and I left the studio I was working for to pursue my own photography, images by jayme.

Just last year Jeb had been hired on at Yahoo! and we moved into an apartment in the Orenco area of Hillsboro. We have never felt more at home then living here.

This summer I started to see my devotion for my craft and hard work pay off. Landing a job with Wilhelmina MTG and 100% client loyalty return. I couldn’t be happier!!!

Now it is Jebediah’s turn!!! He has been working for Yahoo! as a contract worker and has been patiently waiting to get hired on full time.

This summer our world was about to be turned upside down when his manager asked how he felt about moving to Sunnyvale CA. At first thought I was like “no way” (the cost of living is ridiculous). They were looking to get rid of the service desk out in Hillsboro so Jeb might soon see himself no longer working for Yahoo!, but all his managers love his devotion he has for his job and want to see him stay with the company.

Then, we were given the option of moving to Oshkosh WI. Yahoo! has just started (this fall) a new project out at the University of Oshkosh. Where they’re training interns to handle the CareCenter. Another company looking to cut cost, but I have to applaud them for keeping the jobs in the States and not sending them overseas (like Intel and Nike, where their employees end up getting IT support from someone in Costa Rica).

Jeb is amazing at what he does and I want to support him in every way. Even if it means to up root our family to Oshkosh. There he will be able to manage 30 plus interns and over see a huge part of the CareCenter. He has shown great leadership and management skills for Yahoo! and I’m SO happy they’re seeing his potential and are working with him to give him as much growth and opportunity as they can. This would be a huge project for Jeb to be apart of and would give him great experience as a manager with a high profile company like Yahoo!.

So all that said…. we are leaving this Thursday the 13th of November to check out the quaint little town of Oshkosh WI. Nothing has been set in stone and we are still deciding…. BUT there is a large chance that we will be new residents in Oshkosh by the beginning of the year (yes “this” January).

Most everyone has been very supportive and has had nothing but good things to say about this opportunity (our family has been given) and us moving 2,029 miles away. I’m am SO nervous and scared out of my mind, but with Jeb I know we can do this. I hope that when we (my dad included) return from our trip on the 22nd we’ll have lots to share and many great stories to tell.


Wednesday, November 5


These past three presidential elections that I’ve been apart of were tough for me. I haven’t ever felt that there has been a clear politician that truly represented me in what I stand for as an American citizen.

I grew up with a great conservative/strong family background and was also taught about diversity and different cultures.

I was taught to except people as individuals and respect them for whom they’re and not what I want them to be.

I was taught that I should have the right to choose (free agency) and I was also taught that whatever I choose there’d be consequences that I’d have to live with (whether they be go or bad).

I was taught to reach for nothing but the stars and to also share with someone whom maybe less fortunate then I.

I was taught to stand up for what I believe in and to not make judgment on others for I’m no better then they.

I was taught that if I had nothing nice to say to say nothing at all and at the same time I was taught to proudly speak my mind.

I saw myself PROUD of a friend whom was voting for the first time as an American citizen (even though we were for opposing candidates).

I saw a very divided country (as it has been for awhile).

I saw that the entertainment industry and media had played a HUGE part in electing Obama as our next president.

I saw that if you got your information from the “TV” (example: any of the NBC’s airings) or from the “AP” (example: the New York Times) you were getting very basis information. As the candidates were not held to the same standard (please don’t kid yourselves into thinking they were).

I saw America become very desperate for “change” and not clarifying what “change” is or what it means to them. What is this “change” everyone seeks and why is it made to believe that Obama is the only one that can bring “change”?

I saw myself time and time again keeping my mouth shut, as I didn’t want to offend anyone of my friends and/or afraid of being miss understood. Yet time and time again negative postings all over the Internet popped up, about candidates I have chosen to be the best at representing myself and protecting my beliefs as an American citizen.

I saw great propaganda on BOTH sides of the party lines and hope we all realize this great “change” everyone speaks of is a line handed to us on a silver platter.

I hope for the same as we all do, the best for my family and myself.

I hope that in this change to “spreading the wealth” we DON’T punish those whom worked hard for their money.
"Property is the fruit of is a positive good in the world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another; but let him labor diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built." ~Abraham Lincoln

I hope that in this time of “peace” we don’t disarm our country.
"The right of the people to keep and bear ... arms shall not be infringed. A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country ..." ~James Madison

I hope that in this time to get “heath care to our citizens” we leave our doctors the right to practice privately.
"That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves." ~Thomas Jefferson

I hope that now we all have said our peace, we can come together and REALLY except one another for whom we are as individuals.

Do know, that I’m no stranger to change and I too want change (even though it wasn’t my party’s slogan).

I too want to see better education and health care.

I too want to see my children and future generations grow in a country that is tolerant of all individuals.

I too want my character NOT to be judged for having a difference in option.

I too want to see less bitterness, hate and blame. First and foremost... it hurts to hear citizens of America only declare their love for this country when their "ideal" president is in office. We should always be "proud to be an American"!!!

Cheers to Obama and I wish nothing but the best for his four years in office!

Saturday, November 1


A concert I'd been waiting for weeks, had finally arrived. I've become somewhat of a big fan of Lykke Li. I'm not going to go into too much detail... just take a peak for yourself and really listen to the music. I pretty much like everything on her album.

The evening was great! Julie (my sister in-law) and I went to dinner at Old Chicago, headed to bucks for some caffeine and then made our way to the Doug Fir. When we arrived everyone was just showing up and the opening band was about to take stage. We started out on the steps and then made our way a "little bit" closer to the front and sat on the benches that lined the walls.

Friendly Fires

Once Friendly Fires opened up the night with their great energy, I ditched Julie ;) (with her blessing) for a closer spot. I had to be in the crowd with everyone dancing and rockin' out!!!

I met back up with Julie after FF and we chatted a bit about the night... then I made my way back through the crowd and I couldn't of been happier at that moment! What a great show!!! I did look over to see Julie had been standing on the benches to get a better view... I was perfectly content by myself rockin' out! Thanks for being ok with it Julie :)

I took my moms point and shoot so I could get a couple of shots. FYI: they're not cropped in at all. That is how close I was, the grittiness comes from shooting at a high ISO.

In one of her interviews on you tube, she makes a comment about how she writes music to dance or cry to. So you are either rockin' out or feeling great emotions through her music.

Dance Dance Dance!!!

The night ended sooner then I wanted (like always)!!! When I'm out having fun, I'm usually the last one to leave and say goodnight.

Me after the concert outside in the rain. I was all dolled up and didn't take one shot of how cute I looked before rockin' out and getting all sweaty gross. But I do think my eyes still say everything in this pic.

The next morning... the only thing I had left to show of my good time, was my torn up ticket and two fadded stamps on my whrists.

Thank You Julie for going with me. I had fun and next time I'm dragging you into the crowd with me!!!