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Friday, October 31


Already two weeks ago (time flies!!!)... My parents and I took a road trip to Utah, to see our loved ones.

Sometimes when you go on vacation you feel less rested then when you left... but this trip was all about the R&R!!! I love going to Salt Lake and visiting with my family "The Wiscomb's" (plus my extended fam Cheryl, Jared, Kameron, Alex and Kelly) it was SO needed.

Every road trip needs photos taken from the car on the road...

Driver and shooter

My beautiful momma and her curlers

My set up in the back... portable office

If you've ever driven east on 84, you've seen these trees. I enjoy the rows and rows of them that span for at least one mile.

Dragging the shutter and capturing police and truck lights

More of driving at night

Drawing of the moon. There were two things that I realized on the road, I forgot how bright the moon light is and I need to bite into an apple more often.

We arrived in Utah Friday afternoon and went out to eat with family. Then I had to swing by Cher's work (I couldn't of driven that far and be so close and not go see her). Our visit was short and sweet but we got to spend the next couple of days together. Cher, Kelly and the boys picked me up and we headed out to the zoo. Then Kelly had this amazing idea of going to a haunted house!!! We had so much fun. We dropped off the kids with Cher's mom and pick up Jared for dinner and then spent the rest of the night running and screaming at the "Haunted Forrest and Mansion". It was well worth the monies!!!

Picks of babies from our zoo trip...

After spending another relaxing day with the Wrights I headed back to hang with my family... The Wiscomb's are a big bunch and I LOVE big families!!!

Photo of a photo... I have to give the photographer props. I'm also lucky to be able to say that "that" good looking bunch is apart of my family! My aunt Darlyne has this beautiful saying underneath the family pics, "All because two people fell in love". I don't ever want to forget that.

We had one more day left on our short little vacation and we made the most of it. We started out by having breakfast with Floyd and Patty Ray Astin (yes more family of mine that are not included in the photo above). We dined at a cute place called Little America. Then we decided to head up Millcreek Canyon. Mom was talking about how much she loves the fall colors in SLC, so we ventured to try and get a closer look. This was another highlight to my trip. Dad drove with the top down on the car and I sat up on the seat in the back... like I was in a parade. Good times!

A look down the canyon to the valley... bEautiful!!!

Thanks to Destyn... our tour guide and safety man :)

Later in the day we headed over to Aunt Darlyne's where the family was gathering for cousin Jane's 5oth. It was a perfect ending to our trip, getting the whole fam together again (well, as many as we could).

We were SO proud of Bryan. That weekend we were in town he won MVP for his football game. The team has a hammer that is passed around to those players that go above and beyond for their team. GO BRYAN!!!

Ice cream cup cakes, what a cute idea Darlyne :)

Cher, Jared, Kameron and Alex came over to join our family and see me one last time before I left SLC.

I love every single one of you and wish somehow we could all live closer!!!

Tuesday, October 14


Carrie, I do the same thing when brushing my teeth. Thanks for the tag. It took me a couple of days to come up with my quirks, because these things are usually done with out thought.

A quirk is an odd habit. Most dictionaries list this word's origin as “unknown”. However, as the surname arises from the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, and because the island is somewhat notorious for idiosyncratic behaviors, we may find the word's origins there. Many surnames have fluctuated in their pronunciations and, hence, their spellings. Prior to the twentieth century, the most common variant for this “phylum” was Quark.

Rules: Tell about 6 quirks of yours. Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same. Leave a comment to let them know.

1. For as long as I can remember, I’ve HAD to have a glass of water by my bedside before I can sleep. By the end of the week glasses and/or water bottles have multiplied on the nightstand.

2. Ever since I lived in Seattle on my own, I developed a habit of locking “the door” behind me. It is done with out thought at this point. The worst is when leaving a place where I can lock the door from the inside. Not realizing I’ve just locked myself out, until I come back from the checking the mail and don’t have keys to get back in. Then there is accidentally locking my husband out too.

3. When I get excited my thoughts just rapidly race through my head. Left with having trouble vocally finishing my thoughts and my sentences are left incomplete.

4. Another lifer habit… clean hands. I hate sticky/dirty hands. If my spoon while eating ice cream gets sticky somehow and my hands are compromised in the process… bad news. I’ll go through as many spoons as it takes to enjoy my ice cream with clean hands.

5. This next is a little weird… maybe (someone might relate, I don’t know). There is nothing more calming to me then the smells of home. Example: when I’ve had a long day the first thing I want to do is smell my pillows. Then there is the smell of my nieces. Things can get crazy when the whole family gets together and when they jump on my lap and want to snuggle the first thing I do is smell and kiss the tops of there heads. I also enjoy picking up my dogs and sticking my face in their necks and taking a big whiff. The list goes on. It must be a feeling of being home.

6. Not paying attention. I can drift away quicker then driftwood at sea. Whether I’m in a car (as a passenger) or someone may have a long drawn out explanation (witch I’m just as guilty of too), I get lost. I end up in my own world and can’t find my way out. So if you happen to be talking to me and my eyes gloss over… grab my attention again. This happens to be the only one of my quirks that I care to fix, but time and time again I find myself in Jayme land.

I'm sure I have many more that I don't even realize, but it is time for others to reveal their quirks. Cheryl, Annette, Robert, Martha, Angela and Paige! You've been tagged.

Sunday, October 12


Yesterday Amanda, Spencer, Rafael and myself put together an amazing shoot. Which gave me the perfect opportunity to finally start a blog for my business. Everything is in progress right now, but it is all starting to come together.

You can check out my first full post at

Wednesday, October 1


The last 36 hours have been long for our family. ESPN had eye surgery yesterday and while he was under we were going to have his teeth cleaned too. Little did we know how bad his teeth were. They had to extract 4 teeth on top of the cleaning. More importantly he needed to have a cyst removed from his eye (we wont know the results for another 5 days or so). Buddy was out for quite a while and what a day he endured.

When I picked him up from the vet he was so limp and done with everything, plus he had one of those cone collars on.... and does he hate it (I wanted to cry, he was SO sad looking). That evening we gave him a break and let him be with out it, but he had to wear it at night. It's very important that he doesn't scratch at his eye. Jeb and I were up and down all night like ESPN was our little baby... any noise or movement woke us up. Tonight as I write this he is doing better (except for the nightmare he is having), but when we first put the space hat on him all he did was cry, whine and moan. He'd get himself all worked up he'd start to cough... just like a kid. I knew it was all dramatics cause the moment that I took it off he was fine, but Jeb comes running out from the other room all worried for his little man. He has his daddy wrapped around his little paw (Jeb is a very sensitive man when it comes to his animals).

When I got home from my shoot this afternoon he was on the couch. This is a good sign that he is jumping on the couch and moving again with his space hat on (not frozen in one spot anymore). Although he doesn't have a good feel for it yet, he kept trying to get as close as he could to me and ramming the hat into my leg several of times. We love him so much and it is going to be ONE long week for buddy... and us.

This was taken this morning after I gave him a bath. I'm sure he is like "enough people... enough". I only bathed him cause he got so stinky from the vet and his surgery, plus he kept drooling and snotting on himself after he'd get all worked up with his sneeze guard on. I think he feels better to be clean.

This is ESPN putting up with his collar. ESPN and the space suit are all cleaned up resting on the couch, where I'm sure they'll be for the next week.

All this excitement even makes his sister a little anxious. The only good thing to come from all this is his diet of soft dog food for the next two weeks. Houston even gets to ride on that train. Man do they love soft dog food. We love our babies lots and hope for the best when we get our results back from buddy's cyst.

Feel free to send any donations to the Anderson home, for the ESPN Kroy Wen Heupel Anderson Fund. ;)