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Sunday, August 24


When two people are trying to start a family there is nothing worse then being woken up in the middle of the night with painful, can't sleep cramping. Not only is it painful physically but also it is so heartbreaking. Even though I took a test about a week ago... I still hold on to hope until the proof is shown.

Today I had angels watching over me. I wake up (after taking 1200 mg of Ibuprofen at 5am) around 10:30. I returned a missed call from my brother, who on the other line is taking this moment to tell me how lazy I am... and he wants to hear no excuses. My brother and his two girls were out and about and had just passed my home wanting to stop by. So a little disappointed that I missed them the first time around he makes sure to stop by on there way home. To my surprise they come barring gifts. Both Faith and Little Ella come walking in with their little hands full.

MAGNETIC POETRY KITS. There was something special about this gift. Last March I had told my brother the only thing I wanted for my birthday was poetry magnets. He thought sure enough he had it covered. 12 plus stores and days later with no luck... he has found himself on a mission to find these magnets for his sister. He was so disappointed that no store from Target to Barns and Noble carried them. His efforts and story telling of this adventure was not lost on me, I found it very entertaining and sweet.

At last he has completed his challenge and it couldn’t of happened on a better day. T bringing his little angels to snuggle and play with poetry magnets made my day. I love surprises and I love the three of them SO much.

The highlight of their morning trip was Faith blindly putting together a sentence for my frig. She had put two magnets together and asked me to read them…. I did and she finished the sentence with “you”. We couldn’t find just the word “you” but close by was “your heart”. I didn’t quite notice what my 6 year old niece had composed until she had left…..

… very fitting for this moment. Maybe it is my outlook on life but we are all connected and some how the universe knew exactly what I needed.

Saturday, August 23


Well, no big events to talk about but here are some random bits…

“I live in my own world and everyone here likes me”

SPIRIT- When I worked at the bank we would have the news on all the time. So between the news and just working in the financing industry (with all it’s grim outlooks on rates and the economy) things took it’s toll. I started to think about my future a lot. I prayed about the church (LDS) and the comfort it has to offer in the community. Shortly there after the missionaries called and asked if they could come out and give lessons. Jeb and I were more then welcoming. In the short time from prayers and needing the gospel in my life, we have met SO many great people to call friends and have seen the blessings it has to offer. We still have yet to make it out to church in the 9 o’clock hour but our efforts are getting us closer.

FAMILY- Jeb comes home and the first thing he does is give all the animals love. Our kids. This photo tells it all… Houston, ESPN, and Cessna competing for Jeb’s attention.
The greater family is doing well too. My mother is working on starting her own blog. It has been fun going over to her house and teaching her how to use the computer and internet in a more in-depth manor then just checking emails (she is too cute). Faith has lost her first tooth and starts kindergarten next week! Ella can eat pancakes!

My niece Ella was born with many allergies like corn, wheat and dairy. She is tested every few months at her young age to see if she grows out of it. Last week she dropped wheat and dairy products off her list. She’s down to just corn (which is in so many things on its own). To celebrate Papa made root-beer pancakes. She ate 2.5 of them and Papa makes big pancakes.

FRIENDS- I’m blessed with friends that I could call family. I’m a girl that gives my whole heart to my friends. Friends are the family you choose and I take that to heart. I wish we could all just play and hang out all the time and never sleep!!!

JOB- I never knew happiness like this existed for a career. For those
of you who live under a rock and don’t know yet, I am a photographer and assistant editor for Wilhelmina MTG. They’re a modeling agency for the greater Portland metro area out in the Hollywood district. I don’t feel like it is work… more like playtime all day long.

My highlight so far has been with the baby (5yrs and under) photography. I shoot every other Monday and Friday. I was so excited about one of my first shots of this girl I had to share with my coworker (the kids agent) right away. She took one look at the name and photo then smiled. She told me that I saved her from getting cut. No joke. She had just gone through the baby division stat sheets and wrote drop on her file. She told me never has she seen her look so pretty. I couldn’t have asked for a better complement as her photographer. I’m still riding out this high from my new job and all the excitement it keeps bringing me.

Monday, August 11


The family got together again!!! This time it was to celebrate Jeb's Birthday. For the first time since our wedding we gathered Jeb's and my family together. It was beautiful. A whole bunch of people we love under one roof... family and friends.

Finally! A pic with my brother Aaron... :)

Jeb's favorite card of the night... from little miss Faith.


Mr. Man, baby Robert

We wrapped up the night with my favorite game... poker.

Thank you to everyone who made it out. For those who couldn't make it we miss and love you too!

Tuesday, August 5


We already share 13 years of memories together (half of our lives). There is no one else I'd rather grow old with then you!!!

Monday, August 4


1. Add a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I have shared together. It doesn't matter what it is, just feel free to write what you want!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It'll be fun and keep it clean... if you want. Thank you Cher this is fun ;o)

PS... I write novels...