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Saturday, April 4


April 1st was no joke, I was part of an amazing photo shoot that will keep me smiling for a long time.

My good friend Terri Lodge hooked me up with the opportunity to assist Matthew Mitchell (fashion/celeb photographer) on an 8-10pg editorial shoot for a local LA mag "Thirteen Minutes" (May's issue).

I first met Matthew when he interviewed me at WMTG with owner Keri and Clayton Beck (Matthew's full-time assistant) over saw my photoshop test (his talents range from CS3 guru to model... and a great friend). Terri was an agent and is a makeup artist that Matthew loves to use while he is in town (her work is flawless). My work at the modeling agency was short lived, but the people that I have met will stay with me forever. One other talent that I want to mention is photographer Diana Sell (another wonderful individual that I met through working at the agency), she and I had the pleasure assisting Matthew together.

I cannot say enough good things about everyone I've mentioned, they have all been so nice, welcoming and are truly talented. I am so lucky and happy to have been apart of this Portland project.

Matthew (originally from Portland) wanted to represent everything Portland in this editorial spread, from the models, talent, fashion to the Gordan House (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright).

With Matthew's permission I snagged a couple of shots to document I was there :)

MM setting up the shot on set #3 (can not wait to see his vision in print).

Bryce (set designer) MM and Diana

MM giving the models direction (he is so relaxed and knows the perfect things to say to pull the right expressions from the talent).

Talent on set #3, wardrobe and Shawn (talent from set #2).

One thing that makes for a great photographer (or assistant) is the ability to think fast at solving each problem that arises with creativity and quickness. Story goes... Shawn sat down on set and up goes his pant legs to reveal white sport socks. Where are your dress socks? MIA. Anyone have any that he can use. No extras... wait I wore my boots today and have my black knee high socks on. Off go my shoes and socks. I save Shawn's day... and got to wear his white sport socks. It's the small stuff (details matter).

Matthew humoring me. Thank you!!!

Sweet young talent!!! (Kristi)

Clayton, Matthew, Terri and Me after a ten hour shoot (you all are amazing). The only one missing is Diana (thank you for taking the pic).

Again, THANK YOU to everyone for inviting me to be apart of this FABULOUS project!!!