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Thursday, July 31


Before July turns in tonight, we had a couple of birthday's this month and I have a few cute pics to share.

Julie turned 30. My brother and her family worked hard in making her birthday party a surprise. Julie's mother Minnette put together this beautiful flower arrangement. I justed loved it!

So we needed a pic of the "surprised" Julie... Jeb and I practiced before her arrival. He looks really shocked. I couldn't tell if he knew?.... ;)

What's cute is I have a pic of Julie helping Faith blow out her candles when she was 3. She's only returning the favor.

Ella turned 2!! ... so Jeb and I get there early to help prep and TJ's with Ella at the store. When they arrive I see she is wearing the exact same outfit we are gifting her. NO JOKE. We got her a toy too, so half the present was alright. Also check out the pick on the left... yes folks... it's Christmas in July or it's my brothers wrapping job. Classic.

I don't get too many pics of my brother's gorgeous smile. Oh my, those burgers were SO good. I can only hope we can make them as good for Jeb's Birthday BBQ.

Ella, you are so cute I just wanna bite you. Mmm

Faith and I playing with the party favors. I dragged the shutter on both images, but the one in the dark makes the shot.

Jeb I love you. You are so good with the girls. I just know you'll be a great father someday.


Sunday, July 27


For fun this weekend Jeb and I joined my parents out at the Washington County Fair. We enjoyed everything a fair has to offer: greasy food, snow cones, barn animals (I love goats), rides, games and flying Macaws. This year they had an exotic bird show where I got to snuggle with a cockatoo and received tips on how to teach Cessna to fly. Macaws free to fly are one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen.

Back to the story at hand, what is a fair with out winning a GIGANTIC stuffed animal? As long as Jeb and I have been together, he not once has paid to play a fair game… until now. My dad talked him into showing off his B-Ball skills and my honey won of course. I got to pick my prize and I went with the BIG BUMBLEBEE. He was the cutest. I was pretty excited to have a treasure that Jeb won for me. I always get jazzed about experiencing firsts with my honey… doest happen often anymore.

Yet the story gets better… or longer (however you want to look at it). When we brought our bundle of bee home it was apparent that the doggies and the bird wanted nothing to do with it. Miss Houston started to growl at the stuffed prize. So I had to take it one step further to entertain myself to my full potential. Missy went into the computer room to get away from the buzz but I decided to follow her and quietly snuck behind her with the bee. Oh, we were laughing, she is so cute. GRRRRR.

Houston still wanting nothing to do with him.

But Jeb apparently didn’t want it to stop with Houston. I have been really busy with work lately with trying to catch up on projects, that I’ve taken some of my work home. Not paying attention to Jeb busy in my work, he somehow manages to sneak by me in the front room and hides the bee in our bedroom bathroom. So when I go to use the ladies room (in the dark mind you) I open the door to this bee that takes up half of the bathroom floor. Yes I was startled and gasped and yes he was laughing in the front room.

So, Jeb has found himself a tickle spot and yet… again… with patients he hides the bee. Going with the shower this time to scare me Sunday morning.

The last thing I want to see is something looking back at me when I go to hop in the shower. Seriously Jeb?

Houston putting up with me and my camera moment.

Jeb calls it karma for what I did to Missy… where’s his karma for scaring me twice?

Saturday, July 19


Long time waiting. I've been meaning to post this blog for a week now... as you can tell by the date. But I have been a busy girl and yeah...

So, here is the story. David called us up at about 5 in the evening on the 12th to see if we wanted to join him and a our friends camping for the night at Jones Creek in Tillamook forest. It was a small group, the Lathrop's, the Dias's, Calvin and us the Anderson's. Of course like most things we do I'm excited as all get out and Jeb needs a little talking into the idea. It was my first time camping (besides any church activities) and Jeb's and my FIRST camping trip together.

Our tent! How cute was it!? Thank you to Robert and Annette for letting us use this cozy bundle of love. Jeb and I haven't slept this close since we first got married and owned a full size bed. Now with our doggies I want to upgrade from a queen to a king... Anyhow I loved it SO much I made Jeb get back in the tent so Carrie could take pictures of how cute we look in it. Thanks Care ;)

Some fun night shoots when we first got to camp.

Gabriel helping build our morning fire.

Good morning Robert and my view of everyone at breakfast time. Love you all.

Just down a path from our campsite there was this quaint little river. It was very beautiful.

Thank you everyone for such a great time!

After we left the campsite we headed down the road a bit to enjoy the river. We took turns floating down a small current and jumping off some rocks. My favorite part of our trip.

Monday, July 14


Ok this is Carrie's fabulous tag. Love you Care. I want to make this clear… my bag on a normal day does not have nearly half the crap in it as it did on the day Carrie tagged me to show my goods. I took pictures on the 4th, but had to return to this tag on a later day. I’ll keep you waiting no longer…

THE BAG (my mama gave it to me)

THE CRAP INSIDE (morning of the 4th)

~ Cell Phone: for obvious reasons.
~ My ipod: who doesn’t love music?
~ 2 sets of keys: personal/work
~ 2 wallets: (weird I know) my sweet mother had just gotten me a new wallet and I’ve been meaning to switch out the junk from one to the other.
~ The Articles of Faith card: from the lesson our elders gave us two nights prior. I had a second interview (for my new job) on the 3rd and wanted to keep Faith close at hand ;o)
~ June calendar of events for the Orenco ward: I know June is over.
~ Pocket planner for 2008: I’m pretty important.
~ 3 “Pick of the Week” cards from Starbucks: it’s a great partner ship between iTunes and Starbucks… each card comes with a code for a free song. Raf always grabs extras for me.
~ My debit card: just tossed in my purse, not in its proper place. Jeb would freak if he had to live in my purse. It’s very messy.
~ Playtex tampon case: oddly enough I keep Q-tips in it and not tampons.
~ 2 used Q-tips: littering is bad.
~ A bandage: I’m pretty clumsy.
~ My make-up bag: I had a very important interview and am always running late… so I took my make-up with me on Thursday.
~ My second “employee counseling guide”: no joke I was put on a 90 day probation at work twice in a 13 day period… for only one issue… I RUN LATE. Yes folks I’m not perfect… moving on.
~ My business cards: for J Anderson Photography… need one?
~ 2002 lose penny: yes, I’ll pick up a penny, unlike many who walk by them.
~ 2 Starbucks receipts: I do enjoy a B/W mocha… extra hot.
~ Movie ticket: “The Hulk” at Bridgeport theater, the late showing on 6/27 with my dad.
~ 9 bobby pins: at least they’re not on the floor (love you Jeb ;o)
~ Homework: a music list from Rafael. He has introduced me to some really good tunes. This time he has suggested Kings of Leon and he highly recommends the album “because of the times”.
~ 3 Gift cards: Pacific Beach Tan/Stanford’s/Newport Seafood Grill… I don’t tan.
~ Scratch paper: w/a phone number on it… for my new JOB. Have I mentioned it yet?
~ Mint: anyone?
~ Travel floss: just in case.
~ Emery Boards: 1 full size and a matchbook of travel sizes.
~ Chap Stick Lip Balm: I’m not a lipstick kinda girl.
~ Name tag: for work.
~ Super Sudoku: Raf noticed I enjoy the puzzle of “sudoku” and got me a book. This way if the newspaper gets thrown out at work I’ll still have a puzzle to solve on my break.
~ Tissue: if you know me well, I tend to cry when I get emotional… just a little.
~ New card for my car insurance: I’ll finally get it switched out with the expired card just in time to switch it out again.
~ Ibuprofen
~ A pen
~ And a brush

That was a chore. Just to let it be known, I’ve since cleaned out my purse and less then half that crap went back in.

RUN! Tag you’re it. Cher and Annette, your turn… Oh, and Julie too ;o)

Sunday, July 6


My family knows how to celebrate…

First on the list was the pool. My folks just put up a pool this week. Great idea but our 100degree weather was last weekend and we live in Oregon. The cooler weather and un-heated pool did not affect the excitement of one little girl. Faith insisted on getting in. I promised her that once we get warmer weather again, I would be the first one over here to get in with her. Bless my mother and her love for her grandbabies… mom, Faith and Ella chattering teeth and all enjoyed the pool at a cool 70degrees. I love you mom. And thank you dad for the pool can’t wait until the warmer weather rolls in.

Happy kids make for happy parents! I love these SMILLING faces… ESPN loves a little chest rub and his eyes and grin say it all. Faith wants to show off her first loose tooth (congrats!). And Ella, her smile just melts my HEART. There is nothing like getting real expressions of life on film… or a flash card.

Ok, I can’t say enough about the food! If you ever leave a function at the Heupels (or Brooks) hungry or with unsatisfied taste buds, it’s your own fault. My mom and Julie helped with the prep work and both papas manned the BBQ. Julie and Ella have many food allergies. We as a family are learning how to cook glutton free and with out any corn additives. It’s been a blessing because we all could use fewer additives in our diet and I’ve found the food has tasted better. The chicken was amazing! Yes that was my plate and no I did not finish it. Truth be told I didn't eat again until 6pm on Saturday.

So these two yahoo’s ;o)… happen to be two of my favorite people in my life! They bring the entertainment. My brother T can get me laughing like no other person I know and my husband I love him so much. When the two are together… on a good day, it’s a marvelous time. They’re both SO cute I could just squeeze them!

Being a woman in my family I have learned so much from the ones before me about love… especially my mother. Unconditional love for the kids and once a mother always a mother. When the family is together (witch is all the time), we know it’s all about the kids. Love, support and encouragement makes strong independent individuals. For the two little girls that bless us now, they’re very strong minded and independent ladies already. They get their sass from all us women in the Family. I love these pictures; together they explain what I’m trying to say. All grandma’s with the little ones teaching, playing and supporting.

These pictures are priceless, my brother snuggling with his babies. For those who think he’s just a hard jokester. Here is proof of a softer side. He’ll deny every word.

Larry and Debbie made it out as well. I enjoy having them with us and my brother Aaron showed up right before fireworks with a peach cobbler (still warm from the oven). Our friend Rafael made a very fashionably late appearance, better late then never ;o). All in all it was a great day. Perfect really. Hugs and kisses from our family to yours.

Friday, July 4


I did it! I got a new job! No more Banner Bank. I will miss my clients and my good friend Rafael, but other than that… no more counting dirty money that isn’t mine.

The last two weeks have been very long and stressful. As you may know from an earlier post I asked to go part time so I could have more time to work on my photography. It all looked like it was going to work out… but then a bunch of drama dropped. It’s a long story and I’m trying to move on… because it don’t matter anymore!

My wonderful sister in-law Julie gave me a great lead on a job with a Model/Talent company. This fabulous new job consist of editing photos, putting together stat sheets for the talent, cleaning up the images on Photoshop, uploading them on the website, photographer for the in-house baby shoots and working with some really creative people! LOVE IT. Keri, my new boss is one of the sweetest people I have met. I’m feeling very blessed right now.

… And it is part-time. Yes, I’m finally in a position where I can work on my OWN photography! I’ll spend 20 hours a week at my new job and have the rest of my time to do my work as a freelance photographer! Get ready for some new fresh images by Jayme (.com).