THE jPod

Sunday, May 25

Just An Update

First on the list, I want to thank Cheryl's friend Jen. She has introduced me to a whole new world of scrap booking. I've tried many of time to get into the world of digital scrap booking, but could never reach the desired look. When I found out that the cute paper used in Cher's blog was part of a digital scrap booking kit, I got real excited. To top off the high, there are sites you can go to and download free kits! Complete with paper, embellishments and letters. Not only is it free and way cute but it is clutter free. The worst part of clean up is saving your work and closing out Photoshop.

Let's just say my three-day weekend has started out great. A photo shoot with my niece's and some good old R and R on the laptop. Photography and crafty artsy things, what more can a girl ask for. I've been having fun, as you can tell by the new SPICED up blog. I've also added some more tunes to the jpod hopefully it's enjoyed.

Here are the sites Jen has shared with me:

...And a special thanks to my honey for knowing how to read Html code. Jeb doesn't post, but he helps me out a ton with the technical parts.

Sunday, May 18

An Angel Returns to Heaven

Last week we said goodbye to the gentlest spirit in our family, my Great Grandmother. My first memories of grandma are from her beach house. Until I was about 9ish I though all great grandparents lived at the beach. Salty air and sandy toes bring me home to her.

Grabbing both my hands gently in hers, standing 3 inches shorter and with the softest voice I've ever heard she whispers "God bless your heart Jayme". That is what plays in my head over and over. Her unconditional love was a blessing to many. She was a mother to 4, a grandmother to 15, and great grandma to 50 plus (I've lost count), and a great great grandmother to 2. What a family she has made.

In all the photos below she happens to be pictured on the right in every shot. The top left she is pictured with her sister. They were always so cute together. The bottom left she is pictured with my grandpa, her son. They both were so close in spirit (kind and gentle); it is truly a blessing to be born unto their family. The right photo shows the beginning of her family. A young mother with husband holding their oldest, my grandfather. Last week that same young family reunited and is together again. I miss them all so very much, God truly blessed their hearts.

Saturday, May 10


Right next to my folks house, there was this multi family garage sale going on. Oh my! I just bought 9 camera's not to use, but for the novelty of how cool they look. Dated back to the 1950's. The dude said they'll all still work... but I don't think I'll be using them. How cute would they be in a studio?.... VERY.

My favorite deal of the day was the "Kodak Instamatic" Never been used, the film box still in-tack (film dated to be used by March of 1970) WOW. The flash still has all four uses left. I'd be interested to see what kinda color shift I'd get from using the film.... Anyhow, they are beauTiful.

Thursday, May 8


Virgins no more! Jeb and I went to our first Doug Fir concert. I can't speak for Jeb, but I had an amazing time rockin' out with our friends Rafael and Kat. The Doug Fir is a ton of fun, small venue gets you very close to the band (MGMT). Next time I'm rushing the stage with Kat :). "Kids" is my favortie. (listed on the jpod).

This video is MGMT playing their second encore of the night. Sadly the only one that got to enjoy this moment was Raf. Kat, Jeb and myself had left to get fresh air just a little too early. Raf stayed back to try and meet the band and get some autographs (which he did). Thanks to technology now days, we all get to enjoy the band playing one more song for their fans.

MGMT... good stuff.

Sunday, May 4

Time passes...

Here's to stayin' in touch and sharing memories.

Enjoy the jpod!!! ;)