THE jPod

Tuesday, September 30


This was entertaining to say the least. I think everyone should try it out and get a good laugh at themselves. This was originally posted on the Dias family blog... too much fun! Thanks Carrie.

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Saturday, September 27


1. Where did you meet?
Jeb and I met at a sophisticated place called Five Oaks Middle School at the ripe age of 13. Yes, I found my BEST friend and partner in life at 13. I remember in history class when roll was being taken and “Jebediah Anderson” was called… I turned to my friend and said, “What kind of name is Jebediah?” This “Jeb” ended up in math class with me as well, where we were assigned seats next to each other. So I guess when you add Jeb and Jayme together the rest is history. Ooooooh Ooooo

2. How long did you date before you were married?
Jeb and I didn’t really start seriously dating until the end of our sophomore year in high school. We did the off and on again relationship through out school. When we finally realized that no one else and their ideas about our relationship mattered… we were 20. Then we realized that it was only us who need to understand each other and the love we share. That is a 7 years courtship. We took our 7 years courtship, the closest friends and loved ones to Las Vegas where we married at the Caesar Palace Hotel.

3. How long have you been married?
Jeb and I have been married for 6 years this September 19th. September is a big month for us, it’s the time of year we met at school and the time of year we tied the knot. And my half birthday… but lets stay on topic this is about Jeb not me…

4.What does he do that surprises you?
Jeb isn’t much of a surprise kinda guy. Yet there is one thing that comes to mind and I still haven’t really gotten over it. He stole my bird from me… So here is the story, my folks had gotten Cessna when I was 13 (the same year I met Jeb). Cessna like most birds find one person to latch on to. Not expecting it as a kid Cessna kinda became my bird… until Jeb. Long story short he loves Jeb SO much and their connection is so sweet. I’m just happy Jeb fell in love with Cessna too and we have him in our family. Not many people out there are TRULY animal lovers and Jeb wont admit it but he is a natural when it comes to our three. It surprises me every day to see him with them… not just playing but feed, walking… everything but the grooming. Well, there is that one time he bathed ESPN. He truly is my partner in caring for our family.

5.What is your favorite feature about him?
Have you seen my husband… he’s got many features. I love his eyes. They are a tell all. When he is happy and/or flirty they are crystal blue. When he is low in energy and/or stressed about something they are more of a gray blue. I love his eyes and his strong jaw line. I love everything about his face but mainly those eyes especially when they’re crystal blue. He is SO handsome. There is also something about a touch of his hand. When I’m stressed all he needs to do is grab my hand or touch my head and I feel such a calm.

6.What is your favorite quality about him?
He is a natural caretaker and love, but I kinda covered that in number 4. So the next thing that comes to mind is work ethic and focus to get things done. He really does so much for this family to help it run smoothly. I’m so proud of him and all he is working towards. I’m the social, lets hang out and play kinda girl, and he is the one that keeps me on track… I love him so much for that. His maturity and responsibility keeps me out of trouble... most of the time.

7.Does he have a nickname for you?
Yes, many… but they are all not appropriate to repeat on our family blog. So we’ll go with the “G” rated SWEETHEART.

8.What is his favorite color?
Black and Blue

9.What is his favorite food?

10.Whats his favorite sport?
Basketball. Watching him on the court tells a lot about his personality. He’s always looking to move the ball and get it to his teammates when needed. He sees the bigger picture and gives up the ball if it is best for the play. Something you’d see him do off the court as well. I love to watch him play.

11.Who said I love you first?
Me. Those who know me well know I’m the emotional one in a relationship. I guess if you think about it, it’s not really who said it first because actions speak WAY louder than words. So we both told each other long before we new it.

12.When and where was your first kiss?
Too young and where ever we could sneak one.

13.Whats your favorite thing to do as a couple?
Talk and snuggle. Jeb and Jayme are communicators. We are our strongest when we are talking. From day one we were spending hours on the phone…. hours at a time. We’d get into SO much trouble talking on the phone until 1-2 o’clock in the morning. Sometimes we’d just sit there on the phone and watch the same show on TV together. Now our favorite thing to do is talk in the car. I think that is where we do most of our talking. And the only thing to do after a long talk is to snuggle. They go together… Jeb and Jayme. He also gets me laughing like no ones business.

15.What is a hidden talent he has?
He dances. When no one is watchin’ he likes to shake IT! I think it is adorable. We both love to watch so you think you can dance. Secretly I think he would love to dance. Shake it baby.

16.How old is he?

17.What is his favorite type of music?
Hip Hop and Electric. It has to have a fast tempo for him to enjoy.

18.What do you admire most about him?
He takes care of me. It can be the one thing that all couples fight about “money” (even us), yet I admire him for always taken care of our finances. It’s kinda funny I get SO mad at times about how frugal he can be but yet I admire him so much for it. He makes it feel like we are never struggling. As a young couple (one still in school) we ain’t rollin but I never have to worry about it cause he take care of us. Thank you.

19.Do you think he is going to read this?
Yes I’m sure he will. Hey honey... look 19 questions that's our number.

I tag everyone who reads this even if you don’t have a blog. It is a very therapeutic thing to do. It really gets you thinking of why you fell in love and why you still love the one you are with. Thank you Cher.

Thursday, September 25


So we’ve been residents at Seneca Village for over a year now and just signed a new lease for another. With that they clean our carpets for free… YAY. Anyhow I’m sure you all know what that means. Everything gets crammed into the bathrooms and kitchen. We had set it up so I could work in the kitchen and the dogs ended up snuggled in there with me and their beds. Here are some cute pics I took with my wonderful high quality verizon camera phone.

Can you see them?... they're in there. Really.

Oh, there they are. So cute.

ESPN so sad...

Houston enjoying they fresh air of the fans set up to help dry the carpet. She just sat there.

All that stress being shoved in the corner of the house but we did it doggies and we did it together. Really it took like 45 minutes at the most and then they went to my parents to play and I headed to work. What seemed like an eternity to them was entertaining for me. I know, I'm a huge nerd.

Saturday, September 20



Jeb and I celebrated our six years anniversary of marriage yesterday (9/19) and I have to say he out did himself this year. Like always we couldn’t wait to exchange the gifts we got for each other, so… late night on the 18th we opened our gifts.

Yes, I got my husband a manicure set. To my defense it is a very high quality Germany made set and if you know my husband he likes to keep himself nicely groomed all the time. So I thought this were a thoughtful and kind of a traditional gift that could be kept in the family and passed down.

Anyhow, Jebediah spoiled (well loved) me with an ipod Touch… that has now been renamed the “jTouch”. I have already spent so much time playing with it. I love it! I can put SO much more music on it then the jpod, I can check/reply to emails, there is a direct link to YouTube, and the normal things like the internet, a calendar, seven day weather reports for any city and maps with directions… the jTouch pretty much does everything I need it to do except make a call. I’m still so excited about it!

Even tough the manicure set is nice it just doesn’t have the same excitement the jTouch does. Thank you Jeb.

More importantly I feel that on our special day we needed to spend every waking minute together. Jeb couldn’t get the full day off from work, so he worked from home. I made breakfast and learned a little bit of what he does at work on a regular day (way over my head). Then we ran around together, got some errands done, saw the family and went to dinner. Very low key but a very Jeb and Jayme day… just the way we like it. We called it our family anniversary… the day our family began 9/19/02.

One more thing… we got married on national talk like a pirate day. Fitting for a couple that owns a blue and gold macaw.

I love you Jeb and look forward to year seven! (14 years of friendship)