THE jPod

Monday, May 11


Where do I start?...

I. Before & After
Not the most exciting news, but who doesn't like before and after shots. No it's not an extreme make over or a home re-modeling project... it's just my Lhasa’s and their cute new summer cuts.

ESPN and Miss Houston
and then looking ten lbs lighter...

II. Family FUN
Grandma and Papa picked up a "Wii". Enough said.

Classic "waiting for my turn" expression...

III. Ella Goes to Work
My dad has been assisting me on my photo assignments (as most of you may know). My mother runs a day care business out of their house now (as most of you know). Well, every time I pick up Papa for work Ella says, "Papa, I go with you". I finally gave in and Ella (she warms my heart) went to work with us. I knew the clients I was shooting very well and knew Nelly wouldn't mind one bit, so if she was going to go "today" was going to be the day.
On the way home we stopped by a Portland look out point (Rocky Butte) and did some sight seeing. Sometimes people do not tour their own city enough. I found a new favorite place to shoot. The lines, shadows/highlights, texture and richness in color kept me smiling ALL day long. I love the stones and think this would be a great place to dress the girls up in gowns and take (lack of a better word) princes photos. It's like their very one castle!

IV. The BIG Surprise!!!
Momma turns 50... I threw (with the help of my wonderful family, couldn't of done it with out you guys) a successful surprise birthday bash. It was a month of planning and it came and went SO fast. Everything ended out to be perfect, I only wish I had taken more photos... but sometimes you just need to be there.

Everyone pitched in for her gift. We found a basket and loaded it up with "Cindy's favorite things". Above are little hand made plant pots with a special message. There was everything from a homemade book of 50 goofy stories shared with her cousins to gift cards to her favorite places and her favorite candy and frames and photos and artwork and the list goes on... thank you everyone again for ALL your help!!! It was FUN :)

The year THEY turned 50!!!

V. The Coast
Having family come in from Utah for Mom's 50th, was the icing on a cake, the cherry on a sundae... they topped it off. What is a must when out of town family is here? A trip to the coast!!!

He's ALIVE!!!

The kids had fun...

...And so did the big kids. So here is the deal. If you can make it to Oceanside (just outside Tillamook) at LOW tide and I mean the lowest, it is a sight to see. The deal is you have to make it around two points and this doesn't happen often but when you do there is this AMAZING cave on the other side and it is just fun to explore and check out. This day the tide wasn't low enough to make it around the second point... it did not stop my Dad from trying. Nor did it stop me from following. Soaked to my neck and stuck on the rocks... it was worth every minute. The veiw on the other side was breath taking. I shot it using Dad's camera. Becky had mine safe and DRY in her hands... thank you Becky and Destyn for keeping us safe :)

FYI... wet jeans are no fun to rock clime in, but Dad's blue hat is stylin' on me.

Perfcet Oregon Coast shot. The rocks and beach combers in sweat shirts. I think I know these two... :)

Not a trip to the coast unless you feed them birds!!!

THE BIGGEST NEWS EVA!!! Jebediah is officially a Yahoo! employee. No more contracts! He went from a blue badge to a PURPLE badge... I'm so PROUD of you Jebs!!! Ok, so I'm a little excited, but he amazes me with his hard work and determination. No we did not have to move to Oshkosh WI or Sunnyvale CA. Jeb, in a time of layoffs and being a fulltime student was able to make himself so irreplaceable that we are now part of the "purple crew". So cheers to Jeb!!!

My favorite is when he received his conversion papers in the mail and opened the purple box it had the Yahoo! yodel... it was great :) (to hear it go to and click the !)

April has gone and went and I’m sure I left out some details, but these were my highlights. Here's to May… now that it's half over too!!!